Temperature Stabilized Microwave Amplifier

With our experience in the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony and our membership in the QVLS High-Tech Incubator, we are developing an ultra high-stable power amplifier for quantum computing research and the connected industry.


The current specification of the amplifier required for the QVLS demonstrator:

Output power: >1 W
Frequency range: ~200 MHz to ~4 GHz
Gain: Variable, ~25 dB to ~55 dB
Filtering: Two switchable filter paths with custom filter characteristics
Long term stability: 1% of amplitude (~0.09 dB)

The big challenge here is the high stability of the amplifier. The stability is primarily defined by the temperature stability of almost every component in the amplifier chain. This includes, but is not limited to, the actual power amplifier circuit (or IC), the variable attenuator, the filters, the LDOs, and many other parts. We are developing a novel approach to compensate the drift of components, which cannot be made more stable or would be too expensive.

The first prototype is showing promising results, limiting the gain error of the amplifier to less than ~0.2 dB over a wide temperature and range. We are confident that the next prototype, developed within QVLS High-Tech Incubator, will be able to fulfill the requirements.